Cirrus SR22

Cirrus SR22



  • 2004
  • 4 Person



  • Max Cruise:                 186 KTS
  • Max Range:                 866 NM
  • Max Operating Altitude:  17,000
  • Max Climb @ SL           1,326


Fuel & Weight:

  • Fuel                                100LL
  • Max Usable Fuel                 81 Gal
  • Usable Fuel Tabs                 47 Gal
  • Max Gross Takeoff Weight     3400  lbs
  • Basic Empty Weight             2308.9 lbs
  • Useful Load                        1091.1 lbs
  • Max Luggage Weight             130 lbs



  • Regular:                                       $285/hr
  • Block:                                          $270/hr





2. Although all information is determined to be accurate at the time of publication the pilot of the aircraft is responsible to utilize the aircrafts POH and any applicable documentation for each flight. This information should not be used for flight planning and is presented for informational purposes only.  












*Rental of the SR22 requires completion of an approved Cirrus Transition Course required.


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