Frequently Asked Questions



Do you travel to other airports?

Yes we travel to airports all over the valley including Chandler, Falcon, Scottsdale, Deer Valley, Gateway, Stellar, Pegasus, and Casa Grande.


Where is Classic Air Aviation located?

Main office is located off of Falcon Drive at 4805 E Falcon Drive. Mesa, AZ 85215

Mailing address is PO box 20415 Mesa, AZ 85277

Maintenance Facility: 4805 E Falcon Drive Mesa AZ 85215


What services do you offer?

We manage aircraft, wet/dry wash aircraft, full details on everything from aircraft, cars/trucks, helicopters, interior cleaning, bright work, aircraft sales, leasing programs, flight instruction, pilot shop, flying club, and aircraft rental.


What is included in a wash?

We wash the plane with de-Ionized water, clean the belly, gear, sham dry the aircraft clean the windows, shine the tires, and propeller.


What is included in a full detail?

After the wash process we wax the entire aircraft, clean the windows, tires, prop, gear, and it should look like you just bought the thing!


Do you offer interior cleaning?

Yes we do complete interiors. Including windows, seats, floor cleaning, steam cleaning, headliners, cockpit instruments, and dashes. You can choose to get an entire interior clean or just choose certain parts.


How do I schedule services?

Call our office at 602-574-5376, schedule online at ClassicAirAviation.com or send a Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What type of products do you use?

We use products from several different carriers. We wash aircraft with Fleet wash solution, and carbon X. We use other cleaning products from API, and use an assortment of waxes and polishes from auto and aircraft detailing suppliers.


What if my airplane is located in a hangar or covered/open tie down?

We have the means to go anywhere around the airports. If the plane is located in a open or covered tie down we just pull up and start working. If the plane is in a hangar we usually meet you there to gain access to the plane and notify you when the job is complete.


What is aircraft management?

We take care of everything from scheduling maintenance, working with other companies when you have a problem with your aircraft, cleaning exteriors and interiors, watching over it, and do anything else required to keep the owner concentrating on one thing. FLYING!


What type of packages do you offer?

Take a look at the aircraft management page for details on every package. We offer 4 different packages that are designed to fit everyone’s aviation needs. You can start with the basic Classic Choice or go big with the Captains package. These packages are designed to save you money instead of scheduling multiple services over the year. We will also custom design a package to meet your needs and come up with a monthly price that saves you tome and money.


Who will be working on my aircraft?

Most of our employees are pilots, maintainers, have military backgrounds, or are just getting into aviation working on their ratings.


What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, debit, and most major credit cards.


How do I schedule the courtesy car?

Call classic Air at 602-574-5376 and request to use the vehicle. That’s it!


What is the bug line?

The “bug line” created by Classic Air Aviation is designed to remove all the bugs from your leading edges, windows, cowling, and propeller after a flight. Most pilots like to keep their airplane free of bugs after each flight and that’s what we are here for!


How long does aircraft washing or detailing take?

A wash usually takes about 1-2 hours. Depending upon the size of the aircraft, detailing can take anywhere from 3-8 hours to complete. There are many factors such as size, paint condition, oxidation levels, and number of employees working on the aircraft.


Do I have to be present when my aircraft is washed or detailed?

No, Classic Air employees will perform the work and put the airplane back in the hangar, close the door, tie down the plane, or move it back into its parking spot. We will contact you when the work is completed.


Do you offer special rates for businesses or flight schools?

Yes, we have discounts for fleet accounts, flight schools, maintenance facilities, management packages, and clients that choose to schedule reoccurring services throughout the year. 

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