Private Pilot

Private Pilot’s License

Do you believe you have the potential to fly high? You can achieve your potential by obtaining your private pilot certificate. This certification will enable you the freedom to travel the world and navigate as far as the skies will take you. Become a private pilot with the dedication, tenacity and passion for greatness that you already possess. The aptitude is already yours and we believe that with quality instruction and the rich experiences we provide, you too will be an aviator and accomplish your dreams.     

 There are some requirements you must possess in accordance with 14 CFR 61.103. The requirements are as follow:

    • Be at least 17 years of age
    • Be able to read, speak, and write the English language
    • Pass the required knowledge test
    • Receive training and logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor
    • Meet the aeronautical experience requirements of this part that apply to the aircraft rating being sought before applying for the practical
    • Comply with appropriate sections of this part that apply to the aircraft category and class rating sought


An estimated cost to obtain a Private Pilot’s License in accordance with the CFRs follows:




Estimated Hours

Total Cost

Cessna 172












Phase Checks






Approximate Cost:






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