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Gary Poppell
2013-12-30, 18:30
I bought an intro flight package for my 18yo son on Groupon. How good could it be with a coupon? AWESOME! Our instructor Kevin was great. He gave my son a tour of their Falcon Field office, then walked us out to the Cessna 172I for pre-flight. Kevin demonstrated what pre-flight looks for on one side of the plane and let my son check the other side including the fuel level and contaminate tests (with Kevin watching of course). Once in the air my son was given the controls and we flew over Fountain Hills, the Salt River tubing area, up through the Usery Pass by the PHOENIX sign and back to the airport. Kevin let my son taxi back to the Classic Air parking. While taxing we got to see the B-17 Sentimental Journey. Awesome. The plane had a hard time landing because my son kept floating several feet off the ground. He thought the whole experience was "epic" and wants to get his PPL.

I would totally recommend Classic Air for anyone interested in flying or as a gift. They are great, friendly, and knowledgeable.
Marco Calcagno
2013-10-25, 16:52
Hello, just to give you my feedback about my Introductory Flight that I had this past Friday 10/04 with the instructor Jon and your Cessna 172P. The flight was great, the instructor was very nice to let me "have fun" flying part of the climb, the whole cruise and descent phase with safety, and giving me the right advices to fly better. Of course I felt very quiet and safe. The weather was beautiful, just some turbulence which made the flight more funny! Of course I'll see you next time for more flights.


Marco Calcagno

Milan - Italy
Tyler H.
2013-09-25, 16:50
As a pilot myself it's nice to be able to go somewhere with people who love aviation and flying almost as much as I do. I rent aircraft from Classic Air Aviation on a regular basis and even brought them my personal aircraft to manage and fly. Jon has helped me sell both of my aircraft and is always willing to go the extra mile to take care of me. I now rent their SR-22 on a semi regular basis and can always trust that the aircraft is safe to fly and always clean. I enjoy the fact that they are small enough to have a personal relationship with me. Other flight schools tend to get so large that they don't care about you, not the case here.
Phil G.
2013-09-01, 16:50
Jon at Classic air is a top notch instructor, brought me from zero to Private Pilot in just over three months! Great rental rates, I would highly recommend both Jon and Classic Air for aircraft rental and flight instruction.
Jim R.
2013-08-19, 16:51
Great place to fly! Highly recommended!

I wanted to rent a plane to fly from Mesa, AZ to Durango, CO for New Year's (2013) and Classic Air Aviation got my business! Couldn't have been happier with them! Every other aircraft rental company and flight school I called wanted to bill me two to three hrs for EACH DAY that I didn't fly the plane. Given that we'd be skiing for three full days, the extra "fees" would have added $600-$900 to the final bill...for NOTHING! Apparently, CAA is the only flight school in the valley that knows that their customers aren't made of money and Jon (the owner) agreed to waive any sort of daily fee as long as we were back by our planned arrival date (weather permitting, of course)!

The staff topped the fuel off and placed the charts, keys, and dispatch paperwork in the plane the night before so everything would be ready to go for us when we arrived! We didn't have to talk to anybody...just loaded the plane and left! When we landed back in Mesa, we just parked the plane, noted the time, and went home. They called to settle the bill later that week. EASY! Renting from CAA is the next best thing to owning your own plane!

Can't wait for New Year's 2014!! Maybe we'll rent the Mooney this year...
James K.
2013-08-06, 16:49
I've been flying with classic air for over two years now! Jon was my flight instructor and he shared his love for flying with me! I bought a flight experience from Groupon for both of my parents and my sisters boyfriend! The loved it! I'm always pleased with their online scheduling and the quality of the airplanes that I fly!

If you're looking into getting your license or just taking a joy ride don't hesitate to contact Classic Air!

James K.
Gabrielle P.
2013-05-31, 16:51
I've flown planes with Classic Air for the last few years. They have a great maintenance record and are very knowledgeable instructors. Jon and his staff run a solid operation in the Valley of the Sun.

I can't tell you how many folks I've sent their way for their initial flight lesson. They take the time to introduce you to the entire experience.

Highly recommended - I'd take my mom flying here any day of the week!
Lisa H
2012-09-25, 16:52
So, my family bought me a Groupon for flight lessons from Classic Air. I was extremely excited about going. I finally called and spoke with John about making my flight reservation for a Saturday morning. If you are unfamiliar with the way hangers work, it can be a little weird when you first drive up to one. Even though they open the gate for you to drive through, you still can feel a little out of place as you drive up to the open hanger. Like you're walking into a highly restricted area, but no one is stopping you.
I finally parked and walked over to where some people were working on a couple planes. For as much attention anyone paid me I could have popped a beer, had a seat and propped my feet up. I got the feeling that once everyone knew you, it was a pretty cool place to work, until then...
Fast-forwarding, John introduced me to Will my instructor for the morning. Will was very knowledgeable and very nice. He talked to me about air flow and all the sweet ass cool things that make planes, well, sweet ass. After we ran through the preflight check ( I touched the Cessna 172i as much as I could without looking obsessed because...I like planes. :) ) Will had me get in the pilots seat. I begrudgingly need to say that I am a rather plump individual. The realization that the dated seat belt barely kissed as I tried to put it on came quickly. This is a fact that I would rather have overlooked in this review, but, I wanted to mention it because of the way Will and the gentleman he got to fix the belt was IMPECCABLE. Like a typical butterball, I knee-jerked an apology for the belt not being able to fit around me. They were totally cool! They just switched out the belt for a different one like it was no big thing. THANK YOU!!
We finally got on our way and Will was awesome at explaining what all the dials and switches were for as we took an amazing ride over Saguaro Lake. Being able to actually FLY and feel the plane in my hands was FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! After we landed and taxied back to the hanger, I met a super cool lady named Cassandra. She used to do allot of aerial acrobatics. Sweeet.
All in all....It was a great experience and I definitely recommend Classic Air.
Oh... and Duncan was CUTE!!!!!!!

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